BuAer 153615
The Japanese Maritime Self Defense Force initially received sixteen Lockheed assembled P2V-7s during 1955. These were assigned Japanese serials 4601/4616). In 1959 the JMSDF accepted the first of forty-eight Kawasaki assembled -7s (serials 4617/4664) with final delivery being complete in June 1965, more than three years after Lockheed had terminated Neptune production. The last of the SP-2Hs were retired at the end of 1981.

Kawasaki Serial 7082
The Kawasaki P-2J Neptune was the last incarnation of the venerable Neptune design. Several refinements including GE T-64 turboprops, Ishikawajima J-3 turbojets, a lengthened fuselage, increased rudder area and a 10,000 lb weight reduction produced a faster, farther ranging aircraft. 83 P-2Js (serials 4701/4783) were delivered between October 1969 and March 1979. In the spring of 1995 the JMSDF gained the distinction of retiring the last operational Neptunes.

These images were graciously provided by Norio Aoki.