Comando de Aviacíon Naval, Argentina

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In 1958, the Comando de Aviacíon Naval acquired eight ex-RAF MR.1s (P2V-5). These first Neptunes were later supplemented by three USN surplus SP-2E's and one EP-2E between 1966 and 1972.

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In 1977 Four SP-2Hs were delivered to the 1 Esc de Exploracíon when Argentina's attempts to replace its aging Neptunes with the P-3B Orions was blocked by the US. When the Falkland Island War began in 1982, only three of the SP-2Hs remained in service. On May 4, 1982, 2-P-112 guided the Super Etendards during their successful attack against HMS Sheffield. The well-worn SP-2Hs were withdrawn from service shortly thereafter.

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These images were graciously provided by Hernan Casciani