Airborne Early Warning Squadron Four VW-4
While the emphasis of the site is the WC-121N Constellation, VW-4 did operated several P2V-5FJs from 1953 to 1958.
  Air Station Valkenburg
A part of the Valkenburg Aircraft Spotters Foundation website, This page has a good number of photos of the Dutch Neptunes. Plus you can also "listen to the Neptunes". Don't miss it!
 Aviation Art from Feight Studios
The Naval ASW Aircraft Series. Don Feight paints dramatic images of patrol aircraft including the well known Orion print "Madman" and an exciting new Neptune print, "Ruler of the Sea".
  Associated Airtanker Pilots
A good photo gallery of Airtankers both past and present.
  Fly in the P2V-7 Neptune
Explore the Mid Atlantic Air Museum's Neptune!
  French Fleet Air Arm
Damian Allard's excellent site on the aircraft of the Aéronautique Navale with a new section devoted to the French Neptunes.
  GO! Navy
Takafumi Hiroe has great collection of naval aviation photographs.
  Grumman S-2 Tracker Website
An excellent site dedicated to the S-2 Tracker. An excellent layout and photo gallery make this a "must see" site!
  Heavy Attack Squadron 21 Home Page
A newly published site devoted to the men and the AP-2H Neptunes operated by VAH-21 during the Vietnam War.
  History of The 1º/7º Grupo de Aviação: Brazilian Neptunes
An excellent site devoted to Brazilian Military Aviation.
Last Flight of P2V-7, number 14
Buzz Mueller's site details the recent history of BuAer 148362 and features some great interior detail images.
The Lockheed File - Lockheed Aircraft in Australia
This is a great site on Lockheed Aircraft in Australian Service in general, with details on all surviving Neptunes.
Lockheed P2V Neptune Research Project Pages
Baldur Sveinsson's site details individual Neptune assignment by squadron. This site is growing daily and promises to be the largest single site for Neptune history and photographs. I highly recommend a visit!
  P5M Marlins of Patrol Squadron 40
Tom Bigley's site contains many photos of the last Navy flying boat, the P5M Marlin and the P-3 Orion.
This site has an extensive collection of Neptune photos. Check it out!