BuAer 48237
The first XP2V-1 on a flight over the hills of southern California. May 1945.

BuAer 48238
The second XP2V-1 at NATC Pax River, MD.

BuAer 89082
Perhaps the most famous Neptune, the "Turtle" was the 3rd P2V-1 off the assembly line.
 Modified for a long distance flight, setting a record that still stands today !

BuAer 89084
P2V-1, buaer 89084. The glazed nose has been faired over with metal. 1946.

BuAer 89087
P2V-1, Buaer 89087, VP-2, Circa 1947-48.

BuAer 89090
P2V-1, Buaer 89090, VP-MB-1, NAS Miramar, Circa 1947-48.