Minden Air Corporation

Minden's Tanker 99 in action over the Arizona landscape. Photo courtesy Minden Air Corp.

SP-2H, Minden Air Corp., Avra Valley, AZ, 09/92.

Close up view of the retardant tank doors on Tanker 99. The Minden Air Neptunes are capable of hauling 2700 gallons of retardant to the fire zone.

In September 1992, work had begun on Tanker 55. At this point former Buaer #148344 has had its port engine removed for refurbishing, the J-34s are absent, the APS-20 and all radomes have been removed along with the tip tanks. The retardant tank had not yet been fitted.

SP-2H, Minden Air Corp., Avra Valley Regional Airport, Marana, AZ, 05/99.
Photo courtesy Jack Callaway.