These pages are dedicated to showcasing your Neptune Models! Do you have a P2V modelling project that you are particularly proud of? Show off your modeling prowess here! Send your photos to paul at, Be sure to include your name and any build up details that you would like to have included with your handiwork.

A VP-24 SP-2H modeled by Baldur Svennsion.

A Collection of Neptunes in 1:72 scale representing all of the major color schemes from the early solid Sea Blue to the Final Lt. Gull Gray/White scheme.

Certainly one of the most impressive builds of the Neptune, an outstanding model of a JMSDF Neptune of the 3rd Kokutai.  The incredible detail and working propellers add to the realism. You can almost hear those big Wright Turbo Compound engines! Model and Photos by Asao SHIRAI.

Prize winning Neptune entered into the Northern Illinois Modeler's Open.

A great looking example of a MLD Neptune modeled by Victor Muller. Visit the Aircraft Resource Center to read more about Mr. Muller's construction and additional photos.

This build up of the latest Hasagawa re-issue in RCAF markings is nicely done by Scott Van Aken. Read his complete build review at Modeling

RAAF Neptune built by Laurence Menadue.

P2V-7 Neptune by David W. Aungst

I was asked to build this model for a display at a local museum where they actually maintain a flying example of this aircraft. The museum afforded me complete access to their fully restored, full-size example. This provided me more than I really wanted to know about the shortcomings of the Hasegawa kit. To provide the museum with a model worthy of a museum display, I did the following to update and correct the stock Hasegawa kit.

Additions and Modifications

First on the list was adding an interior to the model. Many of the windows are quite large (since the aircraft is a surveillance and patrol aircraft) and afford a sizable view into the interior portions of the model. I opted not to build a complete interior as most of that would be invisible. Instead, I concentrated on detailing just the areas that are viewable through the windows. This included:

The cockpit.

The navigator's compartment (inside the nose), The observer's compartment (just ahead of the tail).  I also added detailing inside the three wheel wells, added the line antenna running from the fuselage to the tail top and added and enhanced various antennas throughout the airframe

"BEST OF THE WEST" Las Vegas contest, June 2002 Photo by Jorge Moreyra

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Another JMSDF SP-2H Neptune

The Hasagawa kit in the markings of the Argentine Navy modeled by Ricardo Hermida from Rio Gallegos, Argentina. 
Pictures courtesy of Modelismo Web

This is a 1/72 scale model carved from scratch from drawings in the P2V in Action booklet.  I was an AO-3 on this aircraft in '58-'59 .  It is carved from a select piece of common fir 2X4.  It is painted as close as I could with the original sharks teeth .  The search light dome is hand-formed as is the turret. The exhaust ports are formed from metal as are the props ,the nose and cockpit are hand painted ,a few decals had to be printed specially.  It took quite awhile to finish but was a labor of love.  Jerry 'FISH' Herring, Cave Creek, AZ.


Aero Union P-2H Aerostar Modeled by Mike Walsh."I used a 1/72nd scale Hasagawa  P2V-7 kit. What I did was remove all the military hardware that was molded in the kit, modified the belly and added a tank carved from old model parts. I left the stinger on the tail and used the Aero Union paint design . The numbers on the nose and tail are from other decal sheets that I saved from other aircraft kits.  This kit was very fun to build!"


Gary Fuller sends in these pictures of his radio controlled semi-scale P2V Neptune in flight. Gary writes "It's wingspan is 80" and it is electric powered. I did not want an all out scale model of the Neptune I just wanted a nice flying model that looks like a Neptune in the air."