14 ex-RAF MR.1s (P2V-5) were aquired in 1958-59 for use by the 1º/7º Grupo de Aviação, Força Aérea Brasileira, at Salvador. Designated P-15s, they were assigned serials P-15 7000 to P-15 7013. The FAB Neptunes were progressively phased out with the last aircraft retired in 1976.

P-15 7000 was the first Brazilian Neptune (Ex RAF WX505). This all sea blue "Neptuno" wears the UNITAS VII emblem on the waist. FAB Neptunos would participate in UNITAS operations until 1972.

P-15 7013 (Ex RAF WX556) set a South American endurance record on December 8th and 9th, 1961. 7013 took off from Gravatai and stayed afolt for 24 hours and 35 minutes until landing at Belem.
P-2E Neptuno 7009
P-2E Neptuno 7009 (Ex RAF WX544), Base Aérea de Salvador, 1971.

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